This is a spoiler filled review of Windblade #3. We talk about it on TransMissions #56.

My short non-spoiler review is that this is another good issue. This one is fairly dense with content and a few new wrinkles on the mysteries that Windblade is working out.  We have more good character moments all throughout the book. Some of my favorites are the scenes with Circuit and Longtooth, Slag and Rattrap, and of course the continuing scenes with Windblade and Starscream. For a book loaded with character building such as this one, there is still plenty of action. The pacing worked well with action, a slow down, then more action leading to the end.

Sarah Stone’s art continues to impress. This book looks like no other comic I’ve seen. The colors are vibrant and you can really make out motion in the art. I was happy to hear the news from BotCon that she will be doing interiors on more Transformers books in the future after Windblade ends.

We’ve got one more issue to go in this mini-series, and I can’t wait to see it.

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hr_Transformers _Age_of_Extinction_42Transformers Age of Extinction wasn’t a horrible movie. I went in with low expectations thanks to the previous Michael Bay Transformers movies, but this one was much better than Revenge of the fallen and Dark of the Moon. There are flaws to be sure, but I enjoyed the movie for what it was, which is a summer blockbuster, popcorn flick. The music was very good in my opinion. Steve Jablonski did a great job on the score as usual. I thought replacing Linkin Park with Imagine Dragons was a good choice too. I have no real complaints with the music.

Wahlberg was a much improved leading character over Shia Lebouf. The inventor bit was a bit hard to swallow, and he didn’t sound like any Texan I know, but he’s got acting skills and did a good job. Kelsey Grammer however stole every scene he was in. I wish we had more background on his character’s motivations behind his hatred of the Transformers, but he did an awesome job.

I do have complaints about it. At times some of the dialog was hard to understand, particularly Drift. The camerawork was really distracting at times. There was too much close up shaky camera scenes, and the wide shots with the humans and no Transformers should have been a bit closer in. It’s like Bay was trying to show how much bigger the Transformers were, but they weren’t in the shot for a comparison, so you’re left with tiny humans. The CGI was great for the most part, but during a Prime / Lockdown fight, it seemed to go down in quality a bit.

The plot left a lot to be desired. There were some clear plot holes and some areas where I figure something got cut that would have made it make sense. I’ll go into more detail in the next paragraph, so if you want to avoid spoilers stop reading now. Continue Reading

TF_MTMTE_29_cvrAThis is a spoiler filled review of More Than Meets The Eye #29. We’ll be talking about it next week on TransMissions #47.

My short non-spoiler review is that this is another strong MTMTE issue. We get back to the mix of humor and serious moments that we’re used to and we finally find out what’s in the coffin. It’s the second part of a three part arc, and a lot of the story reflects that, but it’s fun and it is finally revealed how the transformation sound is spelled! On the art side, Alex Milne does a great job as always and we also have a change in colorists as Josh Burcham hands over the duties to Joana Lafuente. She does a great job in her debut.

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wpid-TF_MTMTE_28_cvrSUB-197x300-2014-04-27-16-07.jpgThis is a spoiler filled review of More Than Meets The Eye #28. We’ll be talking about it next week on TransMissions #43. I wanted to try and start writing some more, so I’ve gone back to doing some comic reviews. For a more thorough review, make sure to check out the podcast next Tuesday!

My short non-spoiler review is that it’s a solid book, but very word-heavy. There’s a ton of character building, but not much in the way of action. My ratings below show that, while it’s a solid book I didn’t really find anything that just stood out as exceptional in it. In my opinion, that’s probably a good thing since it’s effectively another #1 as we launch into the second season of MTMTE.

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I didn’t mean for the break between reviews to be this long, but life interferes at times. Lets see if we can get back on track with Monstrosity chapter 11, Annihilation.

The story so far:

Long ago, in the early days of the war on Cybertron…
Megatron-Returning from the death world Junkion with the Terrorcons in tow-ousts Scorponok and resumes his position as leader of the Decepticons. Meanwhile, after Optimus Prime and the Autobots are able to incapacitate the massive beast Trypticon unleashed by Scorponok, they race to ensure it can’t be allowed to terrorize Cybertron any longer…

Spoilers below after the jump

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I just finished episode 4 of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, season 3 of the Transformers Prime series. It was a satisfying ending to the first arc of the Beast Hunters season, but I wish the Hub had aired all four episodes together instead of weekly. Watching them individually as I did I didn’t feel like there was enough time for you to get into the story before it ended. In some ways my complaints about the Regeneration One comic series apply here, but on a smaller scale. It seems like there wasn’t enough time for each scene to fully develop. The ideas for a scene get stated, then it’s on to the next one. If they aired them together and removed the “Previously on Transformers Prime” segments at the beginning of episodes 2-4 there would be a few more minutes for actual plot. Even if they couldn’t have that time because it had to be cut into the four episodes I think presenting them all together would provide some cohesion that I didn’t feel in the weekly airings.

I did enjoy the episodes, and think I will enjoy the remainder of the series, but I feel that the execution of these first four episodes could have been much better if aired at once. I’m going to re-watch them all back to back and test my theory.

  • rating: 7/10


I hate to say it, but I think I’ve had all of this series that I can take. Regeneration One #90 attempts to wrap up a major storyine in the series, while continuing a number of other arcs. By my count we have these stories going on concurrently in this one issue: Scorponok/Grimlock, Hot Rod and the Primus stuff, Optimus on Earth, Galvatron/Starscream/Shockwave, and Ultra Magnus & the Wreckers returning to Cybertron. That is way too much for one book. Nothing has enough time to be developed and it makes me feel like when I’m at work and I am being pulled in 10 different ways at once. This book would be much better if it spent one or two issues on each of the stories. Even splitting a book into two arcs would be better than forcing five arcs into it.

The art in this book has much improved since the beginning of the series, and I have no complaints there. Some of the panels of this issue were amazing. The story is what is killing it for me. There are 10 issues left, and I’m sad to say that I think I’m done. When you compare this to what’s going on in More Than Meets The Eye and Robots In Disguise, or even the 8-page Monstrosity issues, there’s no comparison in the difference in writing quality. MTMTE and RID have so many different arcs going on, but they wisely have a major focus and lay hints for the other stories that you might not even notice until a year later. The writing on the two ongoing series has been played like a fine orchestral concert with so many great individual pieces combining into an awesome unified sound. Regeneration one feels schizophrenic and I’m often left wondering why I paid $4 for a comic I’m not enjoying. Thankfully that’s a question I no longer have to ask. Not recommended.

  • art: 7/10
  • story: 2/10
  • overall: 4.5/10


Spotlight: Trailcutter is an extremely fun comic. It is set between More Than Meets The Eye issues 5 and 6. In addition to the main story, we also finally get an explanation to the Trailbreaker/Trailcutter name change. The story is a pretty quick read. The conversations between characters area quick, funny, and really fit the fun style of MTMTE. The art is great as well, and I felt like it had a Transformers: Animated style to it. Particularly once the antagonists show up, but there are big chins all around that really made me think of Animated. That style fits the writing perfectly and adds to the fun feeling of the book.

This book is one of my favorite Spotlight issues so far. It helps flesh out a character that wouldn’t get the same treatment in the ongoing book and adds a few bits to that I am sure will come into play in future issues of the ongoing. Highly recommended.

  • art: 10/10
  • story: 10/10
  • overall: 10/10


The issue everyone has been waiting for has arrived. More Than Meets The Eye #15 brings with it Overlord, chaos, and death. This review will be in two parts. The first will be spoler free and contains overall thoughts and my rating. the second part will come after the rating and contains spoilers. You have been warned.

20130324-111605.jpgThis issue has a many more people on the creative team than normal, but the art flows well from artist to artist. The two page spread at the beginning of the issue is particularly impressive with everything that is packed into it. The shot of Fortress Maximus above is amaking. My big issue with the art is towards the end of the issue. There are scenes with Rewind and Chromedome, and while Chromedome has tons of detail, Rewinds head is detailed but the details on his body are fuzzy. I don’t know if the artist was trying to do some tricks with perspective or something, but whatever it is didn’t work.

The writing in this issue is good. I know the Underbase podcast reviewers didn’t like the humor in the book, but I liked it. At the beginning it is a sign of the day to day activities of the bots on the Lost Light. Later on in the book I think it serves to bring the reader out of the seriousness just a little before plunging them right back in. If anything it made the events of the end of the book have more of an impact on me.

That’s about as good as I can do without spoilers. There was so much going on in this book. It’s definitely a book I would recommend people following the series pick up, but it isn’t an issue to start new readers on.

  • art: 8/10
  • story: 9/10
  • overall: 9/10

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More Than Meets The Eye #14: With Overlord on the cover you know that this is the issue where things stop being a fun interstellar cruise and starts to get serious. It kept me uncomfortable through the entire issue and builds up Overlord as an unstoppable bad ass (as if he needed the buildup). You get a lot of the history behind Overlord and you see that he hasn’t had the most pleasant life.

As usual for this series, the art and story in this issue were great. Recommended.

Spotlight: Bumblebee: This is set during the “Police Action” arc of the ongoing series. Optimus has taken Megatron and most of the Autobots back to Cybertron and has left Bumblebee in charge of rounding up the remaining Decepticons on Earth. It’s told from Bumblebee’s point of view and it shows how uncomfortable he is with the mantle of leadership.

I liked the story, but the art was great on some pages and not so good on others. The big splash pages or close up shots were pretty good. The wider angle shots or where you had multiple bots in the scene left a lot to be desired. Also the faces seemed off to me throughout the book. Recommended if you’re a completest or Bumblebee fan, otherwise I’d wait for the trade.